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VertiCool Space Saver

VertiCool Space Saver - Small Footprint Floor Mounted System - United Cool AirSmall Footprint Floor Mounted System

Supply Air Ducted or Free Blow
2 – 15 Tons

The VertiCool Space Saver allows installation of a air conditioning system where minimal floor space is available and where ceiling mounted or ducted units are not practical. The Space Saver can be used as a free blow unit with the optional discharge air plenum or it can be ducted.

The available capacity range is 2 through 15 Tons in either a self-contained water-cooled package or an air-cooled system using a remote condenser or condensing section. A chilled water configuration is also available. The draw through coil design optimizes the coil performance.

The small foot print and attractive appearance of the Space Saver is desirable for add-on cooling directly in the conditioned space. Space Saver units maximize floor space usage which is particularly important in high cost-per-square foot locations.

Product Features

  • Cooling capacity from 2 to 15 Tons
  • Small Foot print
  • Water-cooled Single Package
  • Air-Cooled with Remote Condenser or Condensing Section
  • Chilled Water


  • Sloped Drain Pan
  • Adjustable Static Pressure
  • Ducted or Free Blow Discharge Plenum
  • R-410a Refrigerant Factory Charge
  • Attractive Appearance



  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Schools
  • Historical
  • Industrial
  • Remote or Isolated Areas
  • Add-ons
  • Limited Access Areas
  • Renovations
  • Replacements
  • Restaurants


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